Friends for Life

The Relationship Enrichment Workshop for Singles has the purpose to deepen respect and love for others. Wherever you meet people, wherever you find yourselves in a relationship today, you can decide to show interest and  respect and use good communication skills to enrich your life – to gain understanding and make yourself understood.

This workshop will give you the practical tools you need to take your relationships to the next level.

Communication skills

Unhappiness and failure in interpersonal relations often result from our inability to communicate with one another on deeper levels in regard to feelings, expectations, and personal needs. Only one person is responsible for communicating your thoughts to another person: you. God has equipped us with minds, mouths, tongues, vocal cords, ears – with all the necessary equipment to talk and listen to each other.

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Use conflicts creatively

Conflict is normal, because we are all different. Anger is a normal emotion and, as with all emotions, is a gift from God. Anger itself is neither good nor bad. It is part of life. It’s what we do with it that’s either good or bad. Reconciling our differences is the main task in building relationships. How do you respond when you are faced with a conflict? How can you even grow through conflicts?

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Planning for growth

The Relationship Enrichment Workshop for Singles is founded on the principle that we, and we alone, determine the direction of the development of our personal growth and interpersonal relations. Each of us has within us both the resources and the ability intentionally to direct our singleness toward positive growth, a transformational life style. Someone has said, ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail!’

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Understanding sexuality

True intimacy can be only achieved when you know yourself and seek to understand others, and out of an awareness of your own identity and value, build healthy and whole relationships.
Observe the different facets of our sexuality in the setting of our family life and our social environment. We are going to share themes designed especially for you as single persons. We will see that exuality includes identity, intimacy, holiness and sensuality.

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