Take your marriage to the next level

The Marriage Enrichment Workshop has one purpose: deepening your love for each other. Wherever you find yourselves in your relationship today, the two of you can decide what you want to achieve and then head in that direction together. It’s completely up to you!
This workshop will give you the practical tools you need to take your marriage to the next level.

Communicate in love

Marital unhappiness and failure are often the result of the couple’s inability to communicate with one another at the deeper level where feelings, expectations, and personal needs are shared. Learning to recognize and name our own feelings and the feelings of our spouse is one of our most important and difficult challenges.

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Use conflicts creatively

Conflict is normal, because we are all different. Anger is a normal emotion and, as with all emotions, is a gift from God. Anger itself is neither good nor bad. It is part of life. It’s what we do with it that’s either good or bad. Reconciling our differences is the main task in building marriage. How do you respond when you are faced with a conflict?

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Grow your relationship

Growth and development don’t happen automatically. We have to be committed to a process of development involving our own personal growth, our partner’s growth and the growth of our relationship. How can we develop our love for our spouse to the maximum? How can we help our spouse do the same?  How your relationship develops is entirely up to you.

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Rekindle your passion

It is God’s desire that we experience intimacy in our marriage relationship. Intimacy is that quality of relationship in which two persons come to know one another profoundly through mutual understanding.God himself rejoices in our sexuality. He created us as men and women, and said it was “very good”!

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