Grow your relationship

Growth and development don’t happen automatically. We have to be committed to a process of development involving our own personal growth, our partner’s growth and the growth of our relationship.

Change happens and is unavoidable. But positive growth in our marriage needs to be planned and consciously developed. How our relationship develops is entirely up to us as a couple. It is obvious that you are keen for your marriage to develop positively otherwise you wouldn’t be interested in this workshop.
How can we develop our love for our spouse to the maximum? How can we help our spouse do the same? How do you see God’s vision for yourselves as individuals and as a couple? What are your goals and dreams for yourself personally, and what are your spouse’s?

What you will learn:

  • about the importance of planning
  • how to plan for growth individually and for your marriage
  • how to create smart goals
  • to take responsibility for your future

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