Facilitate REAPP workshops!

REAPP workshops are not rocket science. They are very practical and down to earth. In fact our workshops are designed in such a way that the material can be used by almost anyone to run workshops in their church or elsewhere. If you have a heart to see other people reach their relationship potential and you are convinced of the REAPP workshops, you are a candidate!

How do I become a REAPP facilitator?

The requirement for becoming a facilitator is the participation at an Enrichment workshop as participant (Level I  20 hours) and the participation  in a Basic Training Workshop (Level II  22 hours).

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Who can facilitate REAPP workshops?

The Marriage Enrichment Workshop is always led by a married couple. The Relationship workshop for Singles is always led by two facilitators. These facilitators (single or married persons) do not present themselves as experts, but rather as participants who also are seeking to grow as persons and in their interpersonal relation.

How can I get the material?

We offer the workshop manuals and participants' books as free* downloads in various languages. After you complete the registration process you will get access to the download area. People with facilitator training can request access for the advanced downloads.

*The materials that we offer on this website are free of charge for you to use. As a small contribution we only ask for your contact information and a small donation if you use the material.

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