What is a “Relationship Enrichment Workshop”?

It is a course that seeks to encourage people who are wanting to deepen their relationships and equip them with practical tools to do so, because healthy relationships are needed to build strong families, churches and communities (Phil 3:12–14). Another goal of the workshop is to prevent relationship crises.

Principles and topics

The workshop is based on the values of the Christian faith and imparts Biblical and psychological principles for building fulfilling relationships.

The workshop is structured by topic and takes an educational approach. No individual counselling is offered during a workshop. The participants are given tools for their everyday life which they learn to use.

This dynamic course takes 20 hours.

  • Successful communication
  • Using conflicts creatively, including the purpose of anger and how to deal with it in a healthy way,
  • Sexuality teaching a new model

The main portion of the workshop comprises a series of brief teaching inputs followed by exercises to allow the participants to implement the content.

The participants look at the issues individually and then share their thoughts with a partner. Finally there is the voluntary option of sharing briefly in the group. This creates a meaningful group experience which builds up the participants.

The workshop ends with a celebration.

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Who can participate?

Each workshop is designed to serve approx. 12 to 16 people who are committed to growing in their relationships. They may be younger or older people,  unmarried or widowed as long as they are willing to grow in their relationships.

Where and when are workshops held?

Ideally the workshop is held over a long weekend at a conference or retreat centre. But it can also be held over two weekends, e.g. at a church. The date and place are agreed by the organizer and the facilitators.

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Who leads the workshop?

Every REAPP Relationship Enrichment Workshop is led by a certified facilitating couple. They coordinate the practical details in consultation with the organizer.