Understanding sexuality

Observe the different facets of our sexuality in the setting of our family life and our social environment. We are going to share themes designed especially for you as single persons. In this workshop we will see that our sexuality includes our identity (as man or woman), intimacy (redefined), and holiness and sensuality (our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit).

Let us begin with our identity. God himself rejoices in our sexuality. He created us as men and women, and said it was “very good”! In the light of this, how can we understand ourselves and use our sexuality to fulfill God’s plan for our lives?

True intimacy can be only achieved when you know yourself and seek to understand others, and out of an awareness of your own identity and value, build healthy and whole relationships. This is true unity.

In this workshop you will learn

  • a model to understand sexuality
  • what is true intimacy
  • about openness and healthy limits

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