Communication skills

Unhappiness and failure in interpersonal relations often result from our inability to communicate with one another on deeper levels in regard to feelings, expectations, and personal needs.

Only one person is responsible for communicating your thoughts to another person: you. God has equipped us with minds, mouths, tongues, vocal cords, ears – with all the necessary equipment to talk and listen to each other. People often simply lack basic communication skills. But we can all learn to communicate effectively with each other. And when we do so, we experience a special joy and reach a depth of mutual understanding in our relationship.

Good communication requires constant effort. Learning completely new patterns takes a lot of practice. But it is possible! This workshop can be a new beginning, but the secret from here on is to practice, practice, practice because your friends deserves the best you can give.

In this workshop you will learn

  • to name and share your emotions and feelings
  • the four-step Cycle of Communication
  • different communication models
  • to take practical steps to improve your communication skills

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